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cover of Affluence Intelligence

Affluence Intelligence
Earn More, Worry Less, and
Live a Happy and Balanced Life

by Stephen Goldbart and Joan DiFuria

US $25.00 / CAN $29.00

ISBN: 9780738214245

Published by Da Capo Press

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Affluence Intelligence Webinar

August 16, 2012 4:00-5:00 pm PT
August 21, 2012 5:00-6:00 pm PT

What do happy and successful people have that separates them from people whose resumes are no better than most of ours, haven't gone to the "best schools," or who may have struggled with learning disorders?

Why do some of us work so hard but never seem to get ahead?

What can you do to best navigate unchartered waters of the current economy? Are you living in a money fog?

After years of successfully counseling the ultra wealthy and suddenly wealthy on the blessings and pitfalls of wealth, Dr. Stephen Goldbart PhD and Joan DiFuria MFT discovered that true affluence is actually based on Affluence Intelligence, a mindset that enables people to attain wealth and personal fulfillment. They will talk about an effective program to help you gain real financial and personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

By unlocking your Affluence Intelligence, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and re-organize your life, to live a life more closely aligned with what is most important to you -making money your ally rather than your adversary.

Based on their book, Affluence Intelligence, (Perseus, 2011 leaders will guide participants in learning the four key areas necessary to unlock Affluence Intelligence:

1. Priorities: Give direction and energy to your choices

2. Behaviors: Ways in which you foster or impede progress

3. Attitudes: Beliefs about money and life

4. Financial effectiveness: Competency and comfort about money

Objective: Learn how to unlock your AI, and bring lasting change that will help create wealth and fulfillment, including discussion of:

• The 7 elements of Affluence Intelligence;

• The Affluence Intelligence Quotient (AIQ), a measure of your strengths, what   gets in your way, and what requires change;

• An Action Plan to raise your AIQ within a 3-month period, to reshape your life
  choices, and master the psychological obstacles that get in your way of change.